Memo: Cable companies are the ones trying to kill net neutrality. If you see something on cable news against net neutrality, don’t believe it.

The Deal

So, the main opposition to net neutrality rules comes from cable and telecom companies. It’s no secret. They’re already actively violating net neutrality, and they’re spending millions to lobby the FCC.

How does that affect the reporting on cable TV? Here’s how: the cable company Comcast & the entertainment and news network NBC have been the same company since 2011. They own CNBC, MSNBC, NBC News and Telemundo.

Meanwhile, CNN was part of the same company as Time Warner Cable until 2009, through many net neutrality fights.

The propaganda (it’s fair to call it that) happens mainly through common talking points. You’ll see the same silly points appear again and again on these channels, e.g. Obamacare for the Internet! or Government takeover! There are lots of subtler and more smart-sounding myths too, such as But won’t investment dry up? Click the links for excellent rebuttals.

Also, watch how cable news keeps trying to make net neutrality a partisan issue, when it’s really more about which politicians take money from cable companies (surprise: both parties do it).

Bottom line: if you’re looking for real people and real arguments in the net neutrality debate, steer clear of cable news, and spread the word: #Don’tTrustCable

This has been a Public Service Announcement from fightforthefuture.org.